Power Base Inserts have been designed to give surfboards the strongest and lightest system possible.


Strong. The unique design has an internal frame reinforcing the Insert at major stress points.


Material. Only the highest grade poly carbonate is used with the latest in injection molding techniques. Each part is ultrasonically welded to ensure these inserts will with stand high stresses.


Weight is dramatically reduced with the chambered construction making the Power Base Insert one of the lightest installed systems on the market.




Low Resin Retention. This reduces weight and also eliminates chances of resin over heating during installation.


Pre installed. Reduces steps in board manufacture.


Australian Made all parts and components, meaning quality can be assured.



Easy Installation when using Power Base jig installing the insert is very quick and simple. The patented* depth gauge makes setting the router depth simple.


Pre installation eliminates one full step in board construction and saves one full day on the factory floor.


Lighter weight installed. Power Base Inserts are lighter than other systems. The hollow construction means that they will float and therefore create positive buoyancy.


Glass sandwich. When used with Power Base Fins the base of the fin locks down the top of the insert sandwiching the glass layers between the two surfaces, creating a super strong system.

Power Base Fins Installationn Guide