For many years surfers have been seeking perfect equipment and have been blessed with the availability of being able to access highly skilled craftsmen that can custom build your vision of that perfect board.


With the introduction of removable systems there has been more focus on fin performance. Even with the convenience of being able to remove or change your fins, many surfers have stayed with the old tried glass on method, stating that it gives there boards more power and control.


There reason for this the secured base that allows the fin to flex through its foil and the energy developed through a turn is directed back though the bottom surface of the surfboard. With your back foot plant less than a few inches above this, the result is that the surfer feels More Power and More Control.

Power Base fins are designed to replicate the feel of a fixed glassed on fin with the convenience of being able to remove or adjust the fin.


This has been achieved by fusing the base created by glass on fin to a removable fin. Combining world leaders in fin design and surfboard design, and in association with one of Australia’s leading engineers, Power Base fins have over ten years of developmental prowess.


Thousands of hours of combining curves and profiles has resulted in the perfect fin that will fit most surfboards bottom shapes and delivers what every surfer wants – More Power \ More Control.


Outlined below are some of the reasons how Powerbase Fins combine the function of glassed on fins with the convenience of removable fins.


Leading Edge

A fully foiled leading edge allows the fin to lead through the water with minimum impediment free from cavitation.


Designed Screw Receiver

Our design eliminates unneccessary sideways force and maximises the downward force. Each screw produces a large amount downward force and this is what anchors the fin. A firmly anchored fin is the key to great fin performance. It eliminates movement at the base, sending the flex to the tip. It is the same as the glass on feeling, so popular with the pro’s.


Tip Flex

This is the life of the fin. With a properly created foil, the flex of the fin is greatest in the tip. Different flex options for different conditions.


Unique Undercut

Our unique undercut design combined with downward pressure allows the fin base to conform to a multitude of surfboard bottom shapes and profiles.


Power Base

Locking in the Power Base to the bottom of the board has been a difficult engineering feat. The Power Base flexes just enough to allow it to fit most bottom shapes of surfboards.